Jinan Herbs products are completely natural and safe with no side effects.
By Dr. Farhana Akram
Jinan - khushhaal zindagi

Jinan Herbs is your natural herbal solution to infertility in Karachi. A sacred remedy passed down through generations, this magical herbal blend came to public eye between 1900’s-2000’s. The brand “Jinan” which means garden was formed in 2016, and has shown 500+ success stories. The face of Jinan, Dr. Farhana Akram since then, has reached to new heights, she is popular amongst few Pakistani celebs & has been invited on national tv on numerous occasions. Jinan Herbs provides clinical facilities where practical and detailed consultation is given on how to increase chances of pregnancy natrually. These quality herbal products are available all over Pakistan. Our herbal products can be ordered through our website and are delivered nationwide.

Our Mission

Our goal is to eliminate infertility through utilities and quality products. Dr. Farhana Akram Jinan describes herbs through fertility awareness, ejaculation, and telling the couple to get pregnant. Our services are with you during pregnancy and after pregnancy.

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